About Us

We have built the infrastructure for Crypto-to-fiat B2B payments so that you don’t have to.

Our team has vast experience in a wide range of Fintech and financial verticals. We’ve developed our vision based on our own experiences, collaborations, and success stories on numerous Fintech ventures and platforms.

pWe’re making the crypto world more accessible by building the right infrastructure and focusing on real-life cases.

Who We Are

The acceptance of cryptocurrency payments is surging as the Global crypto market cap tops $2 trillion. However, the liquidation process of Crypto to Fiat is complicated, and the 3rd party payments are impossible!

This is preventing businesses from benefiting from this cryptocurrency boom.

This is where Stratified comes in. We’ve built the infrastructure for crypto-to-fiat B2B payments to streamline businesses’ ability to pay quickly, safely, and from a single payment method.