Why should you pay your invoices with crypto?

Long gone are the days when we used cash to pay for goods and services. Today, we’re living in the era of payments made with digital money. This article explores why paying invoices with crypto is a good idea Payments have gone through a revolution in the last decade. From technologies like blockchain to FinTech, AI, […]

Things to consider when choosing a cryptocurrency invoice payment service

Crypto has come a long way in the past decade, and, despite the initial skepticism, we’re closer than ever before to using it in the same way as fiat currency. Crypto holders have been able to purchase goods and services for a while now, including games, airplane tickets, even groceries, but did you know that […]

3 surprising payments you can make with crypto in 2021

Cryptocurrencies are constantly making the headlines these days. If it’s not news that the value of Bitcoin has hit a new record high, it’s news of a new cryptocurrency joining the digital money sphere. This new wave of interest in crypto coins has made buying and selling crypto increasingly mainstream. But, buying, holding, and selling […]

Yes, you can pay invoices using cryptocurrency – here’s how it works

Cryptocurrencies have been making the headlines almost every day these past months. Despite fluctuations, the value of Bitcoin is still very high, and the currencies that follow do very well as well. At the moment of writing this article, one bitcoin is worth over $51,000 and one Ethereum over $4,400. While trading cryptocurrencies is a […]